For over 60 years Palms Australia has remained a robust organisation recruiting and sending qualified and experienced Australians to assist international development.  Since 1961 it has facilitated a unique human response to 40 global communities who have sought assistance to build the capacity of their organisations and individuals and so reduce poverty.  This is authentic human development.

It is a unique and authentic approach in that it is about mutual development.  Program participants are prepared to engage in mutually enriching and challenging relationships of understanding, acceptance and care, sharing worlds of meaning in the deepest sense, with a people of a culture different from their own.  Our Palms: open to the world in solidarity.

Recent History

From 2017-2020 Palms Australia targeted and achieved planned, sustainable growth of 20% p.a.:  20% more days on assignment; 20% growth in income.  The COVID travel hiatus is disrupting the program, but even more Australians are responding to requests from communities abroad to assist appropriate skill development.

With support to Reach Beyond 2021 our staff can grow the program again in 2022.  Their experience in facilitating Palms unique program needs to be retained until international travel resumes (up to 12 months away).  Job Keeper covered staff costs until March 2021.  We need to raise similar until the income from Australian organisations and communities again supports staff facilitation of the preparation, sending and support of program participants.

In a Nutshell

  • Palms staff are provided particular training in roles unique to Palms program and workplace.  Current personnel embody years of experience in recruiting, preparing and supporting those we engage in this mission. 
  • Partner requests and current applications for assignments indicate that in the first half of 2022 Palms again will have 22 Australians in placements for an average of two years. 
  • If existing personnel are not retained until we can send again, this will not happen.  Revival of the program will be at risk as reserves are depleted while training new staff.
  • Future capacity in support of communities seeking well-prepared mentors to assist develop their people and organisations also may be lost, losing impacts such as these.
  • $130,000 will provide the necessary bridge.  On top of current income expectations, we need to raise around $11,000 per month over 12 months.
  • After that we again can expect growth to be 20% p.a. with funding sourced from family, friends, colleagues and employers supporting Program Participants from their community who embark on an assignment.

I do hope you can help our Palms to Reach Beyond 2021.  We want to continue to assist local communities become more self-sufficient in dealing with crises like the ones they now face.  Offering a quick donation here will allow Palms to meet requests to assist develop local capacity again in 2022.  This offers sustainable poverty reduction with less dependence on handouts and improved dignity for all.