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The Challenge

Holy Family Care Centre in Limpopo, South Africa, provides support for disadvantaged and sick children in the Limpopo province. The centre includes residential facilities and treatment for orphaned babies and children, including those undergoing treatment for HIV/AIDS and TB. These children are referred to Holy Family from the local Letaba Hospital as the hospital does not have space and resources to house these children after their initial treatment when intensive care facilities are needed for patients with acute injury or illness.

Holy Family has identified a need for further training of residential care staff in administration and childcare. This training will assist staff and management in delivering the highest quality of service to vulnerable children in their care.

How We’re Helping

Holy Family Care Centre requested an administration mentor with experience working with persons with a disability to build staff capacity in basic record keeping and resident care. Palms recruited Marysia Keyes, a residential care officer with Disability Services Queensland, to work alongside the staff of Holy Family in Limpopo for 1-2 years. Marysia will:

  • oversee matters relating to the care of the children in residence (75 children aged 0-18 years)
  • implement higher standards of care and cleanliness in dormitories, playgrounds, crèche, nursery and other areas
  • ensure staff complete assigned log books to monitor these standards
  • work side by side with local staff while building capacity in these areas

Is the Project Sustainable?

Higher standards of care for the children who are resident at Holy Family will give these individuals greater opportunities to grow and lead fulfiling lives. By working alongside existing local staff, who will be eligible for wage increases as a result of improved performance following the training period, this valuable work can be continued into the future.

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