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The Challenge

Klibur Domin is a low-care health and disability facility in Tibar, Timor Leste, established with the mission “to enhance the dignity of those in our community by providing care, accommodation, treatment, education and good nutrition for the sick, disabled and destitute.” The centre includes two TB wards, one dedicated to antibiotic-resistant TB, and wards for patients suffering from disability and malnutrition.

This facility is expensive to run, employing over 30 local staff and treating over 60 patients in addition to managing outreach programs. Reducing costs in order to become a sustainable healthcare provider for some of the areas most vulnerable citizens is the centre’s primary challenge in 2019/20.

Klibur Domin has identified a need for greater support and training for administrative staff involved in inpatient care and rehabilitation, mental health programs, human resources and general office support.

How We’re Helping

Klibur Domin requested a qualified program manager to work alongside local staff for two years. Palms recruited program manager Ann-Marie O’Brien, with extensive experience in the public and community sectors, to fill this position. Ann-Marie will:

  • Support the development of additional Community and Centre Based Mental Health supports to respond to identified needs.
  • Conduct a formal staff training needs assessment for all inpatients and Community-Based Rehabilitation staff. Design suitable training programs and ensure the delivery of training for 12 inpatients staff is completed by the end of 2021.
  • Implement a monitoring and evaluation system in 2020 which regularly collects high-quality patient feedback data for management decision making, quarterly and annual reports.
  • By the end of 2021, develop a routine of 10 diversionary activities for patients with the aim of increasing patient satisfaction, health and wellbeing.
  • Assess the quality of inpatient service delivery and support staff to ensure a patient satisfaction rate of 90% by 2021.

Is the Project Sustainable?

Patients at Klibur Domin will benefit from improved service delivery across the various administrative branches of the organisation. Klibur Domin has stated that as staff gain more confidence in delivering activities, becoming more effective and efficient, there is the possibility of promotion to a higher position.

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