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The Challenge

Among the health challenges facing the nation of Timor Leste, malnutrition and tuberculosis are among the most common. The incidence of malnutrition has led to Timor Leste experiencing one of the highest rates of stunting in the world, caused primarily by a lack of education on nutrition. Timor Leste has the second-highest incidence of tuberculosis in the Asia-Pacific, with an estimated 5,700 new cases each year.

The challenge in treating infectious disease and disability is exacerbated by the stigma against infectious diseases, causing delays in diagnosis during which time infection can spread, and by a reliance on traditional medicine.

Klibur Domin is a low-care health and disability facility in Tibar, Timor Leste, established with the mission “to enhance the dignity of those in our community by providing care, accommodation, treatment, education and good nutrition for the sick, disabled and destitute.” The centre includes two TB wards, one dedicated to antibiotic-resistant TB, and wards for patients suffering from disability and malnutrition.

This facility is expensive to run, employing over 30 local staff and treating over 60 patients in addition to managing outreach programs. Reducing costs in order to become a sustainable healthcare provider for some of the areas most vulnerable citizens is the centre’s primary challenge in 2019/20.

How We’re Helping

Klibur Domin has requested the support of an operations mentor to deliver training to staff across the areas of finance, human resources, administration, and support services. This work will support the effective operation of the healthcare services offered at the centre.

Palms Australia has recruited Martin Moignard to fill this role with the specific tasks of:

  • supporting staff in developing project plans;
  • training finance staff in the drafting, editing and review of project budgets;
  • supporting the development of an agricultural program which will enable the centre to grow food for patients, relieving financial strain on the centre; and
  • supporting increased organisational communications and administration processes.

Martin’s role will build on the contribution of previous Palms volunteers who have assisted Klibur Domin in the past.

Is the Project Sustainable?

This is a two-year project that will enable the staff of Klibur Domin to meet their operational goals of increasing fundraising revenue, reducing energy consumption and reducing costs by the end of 2020.

This project will better enable Klibur Domin staff to not only treat patients but to expand the centre’s outreach program. Strengthening community awareness about infectious disease, the importance of early diagnosis of TB, and nutrition information will help reduce the incidence of malnutrition and TB, improving the lives of the local community and relieving the pressure placed on healthcare facilities, both Klibur Domin and others.

By growing food within the centre, Klibur Domin will relieve reliance on external food sources and reduce costs.

By supporting an organisation-wide approach to sustainable and efficient operational change, this project will enable Klibur Domin to best meet their 2020 targets.

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