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The Challenge

Education providers in regional areas of Timor Leste have identified foreign language skills as critical to the success of their graduates. Integrating quality language classes into the school curriculum gives students broad career possibilities in government, civil society organisations, international organisations and private sector management. Students are also able to apply for higher education opportunities overseas.

Students in these regional areas have fewer opportunities than their peers in the capital to engage with native English speakers. Attracting English speakers to these areas for a length of time that facilitates genuine language development is a challenge.

How We’re Helping

The Diocese of Maliana has requested the assistance of a qualified and experienced English teacher to develop local teachers’ capacity to deliver the Diocesan school’s language programs.

Palms has prepared and is supporting  Colleen Thornton-Ward, who has expertise in language study, a CELTA Certificate  in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and a long association with Timor Leste through links with the men of the 2/2 Commando Association. Her role will include:

  • improving the existing English language program in the local catholic secondary school,
  • developing the capacity of teachers in the school to implement improved language programs, and
  • strengthening relationships between the school and international visitors.


Is the Project Sustainable?


This role is part of a five-year plan. It is expected that this role will establish sustainable mechanisms for the continued engagement and enthusiasm of local staff for the English language and international engagement programs.

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