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The Challenge

Reyenai Plantation is an agricultural project of the Diocese of Daru-Kiunga. The Diocese requested an experienced business advisor to design and implement a strategy to grow the plantation into a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

Given the remoteness of Reyenai Plantation, there is a relatively small market in which to grow the business. Economically, this market is not well resourced and making the project profitable for the organisation in the long term will be a challenge. The environment is quite favourable to agricultural projects but the lack of infrastructure makes transport and communications a challenge.

Engaging and retaining staff can be a challenge while the sustainability of the plantation is being established. The successful candidate must be able to engage key staff in the planning and implementation of the business strategy.

How We’re Helping

Palms Australia has recruited development project manager Les Hartwig to join the Diocese of Daru-Kiunga for two years. Les will work alongside local staff at the plantation to develop and implement an effective business plan that will:

  • provide ongoing, stable employment for the plantation staff,
  • enable the Diocese to grow their community services, and
  • provide food security for the communities served by the plantation.

Les has 50 years’ experience working in Papua New Guinea, in roles that have included management, logistics and agricultural management. His experience working in local agricultural projects and building relationships between local organisations and communities will assist Les in establishing a long-term sustainability plan for the Reyenai Plantation.

Due to Covid-19, Les has been unable to return to the field but will do so when it is safe.

Is the Project Sustainable?

Through mentoring local staff in effective organisational management strategies, with consideration for the social, economic and cultural context of the Kiunga region, this project will ensure the sustainability of the plantation. Through creating this sustainable business enterprise, the Diocese will be better able to provide welfare programs to the local community.

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