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The Challenge

Two-thirds of working age Timorese work in agriculture.  Fifteen percent of Timorese are subsistent.

Agriculture, in all its multiple dimensions, is crucial to the country’s development.  Agriculture is a key component of the Economic Recovery Plan for Timor Leste.

The impact of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance on high food production, to meet the population’s basic needs and to ensure that there is sufficient and affordable food available in country.

Livestock is an important source of protein-rich food. Livestock farming can contribute to the improvement of the overall population diet.


How We’re Helping

Friends and Partners with Australia [FPA] in collaboration with the local parish in Atabae, Timor Leste was established to manage their relationships with Australian groups such as Palms Australia and in the past FPET.  FPA has requested an Agriculturalist/Livestock Mentor to assist local farmers and ranchers build skills in animal health/care and increasing livestock numbers for domestic and business purposes.

Palms has prepare and is supporting Malcolm Gaydon, a teacher from Queensland, experienced in agriculture and livestock care.  His role will include:

  • building knowledge and skills in livestock management that will help to grow numbers and production in a sustainable manner
  • Supporting the priorities of the National Economic Recovery Plan
  • Providing support and reporting to FPA to ensure that their links with the farming community are maintained and extended.


Is the Project Sustainable?

The Atabae community has over the years developed and maintained a very fruitful partnership with Palms Australia.  Palms has previously had program participants working in education, community development and health.

The assistance of an experienced agriculturalist and livestock mentor will empower the rural community of Atabae to confidently drive their own development. It will contribute to the improvement of individual and community well-being as a result of enhanced livestock management and value-added production, contributing to Timor Leste’s Economic Recovery Plan.

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