UNIT 3: Agents of Change


In this unit you will be introduced to how to engage in effective social action. Please ensure you click through the slide presentation and the quiz on this page before pressing the continue button to obtain completion success. The best way to view the slides is to click on the three vertical dots in the bottom left hand corner and select ‘Enter full screen’.

In the following questions you are required to finish the statement with the most correct answer.
QUIZ: Agents of Change

QUIZ: Agents of Change

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1. An Agent of Change:
2. An important ingredient of acting in Solidarity is ...
3. Assisting peaceful change in a cross-cultural environment requires:
4. Another name for a mind map could be:
5. I have emailed my mind map to Noura
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You’ve finished Unit 3! for now …

One of the important activities over the first three months in placement requires you to progressively draw up an Assets Register.  Just as you have mapped your attributes above you will need to map  the attributes of your community.

Please remember to email a copy of your mind map to Jen AND bring it to the Orientation Course. 

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