UNIT 2: Engaging with Development


In this unit, we will begin to look at the world of international aid and development, briefly examining some of the challenges that surround this field. The article below is our starting point – it sheds light on real-world experiences and explores the accusations of aid being “neo-colonial”. We hope that through reading and thinking about this article and others throughout the predeparture orientation courses (both online and in-person) you will gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of aid and factors that influence its effectiveness.

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When answering the following questions please choose the most correct response.
QUIZ: Engaging with Development

QUIZ: Engaging with Development

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1. What does the author suggest might make one appear to be neo-colonial?
2. What two main issues around aid being "neo-colonial" are raised in the article?
3. Why does Woods argue that understanding the faults of aid is important?
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