The Project

The Archdiocese of Honiara has requested the assistance of a qualified English Teacher/Tutor to teach English to students and support an English teacher from the Holy Name of Mary Seminary [HNMS] and the lay-ministry [Nazareth Apostolic Centre].

HNMS provides educational opportunities for 60-70 young men and women from across the Solomon Islands.   Melanesian Pidgin in much of the country is lingua franca, English is the official language of the Solomon Islands, but only spoken by 1-2% of people.  HNMS aims to provide students with a solid English bridging opportunity from secondary [pre-seminary] to tertiary [seminary] level.  The role objectives include increasing the knowledge and workability of English grammar for all students to a level of English proficiency [writing and in spoken word] appropriate for their academic level.

Note: The monthly living allowance enables you to live a modest local lifestyle. Based on the cost of living in a particular country, it covers food, your daily commute, communication and other local costs. It is not set to enable you to meet financial commitments at home, such as a mortgage or a personal loan.  It will not cover the costs of eating out and other entertainment. Read more about what is covered in our FAQ.

The Location

HNMS and Nazareth Apostolic Centre are located in Tenaru, Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands and is approximately 14km from Honiara.  Guadalcanal (indigenous name: Isatabu) is the principal island in Guadalcanal Province of the Solomon Islands, located in the south-western Pacific, northeast of Australia. It is the largest island in the Solomon Islands by area, and the second by population [2019 was 150,067] (after Malaita). The island is mainly covered in dense tropical rainforest and has a mountainous interior and a coast lined with palms and white sandy beaches. Guadalcanal is 90 miles long and about 25 miles wide.  It has coral reefs on the south shores and mountains up to 8000 feet high in the interior.

HNMS was founded in 1995 and serves the three dioceses [Archdiocese of Honiara; Diocese of Gizo and Auki].  It is under the care of the Congregation of the Mission [Vincentian Fathers and Brothers].

The Tenaru is the name of a river on the northern coast of Guadalcanal.  During World War II it was the site of the Battle of Tenaru River, a land battle between the Imperial Japanese Army and Allied ground forces that took place in August, 1942.  The battle was the first major Japanese land offensive during the Guadalcanal campaign.

The Challenge

  • Solomon Islands is one of the Pacific’s poorest countries
  • The effects of climate change [Rising sea levels: in many islands the inhabitants raise wooden walls to save their homes and the warming of the seas undermines fishing; and more frequent climatic events].
  • Gender, family and child violence [64% of women aged 15-49 have reported physical and/or sexual abuse by a partner]. The National Referral Hospital (NRH) in the capital, Honiara, is the only tertiary hospital for the country
  • There are limited options for higher education
  • The country has low school completion and attendance rates [50% of students complete primary education; 32% of males and 27% of females complete secondary education]. Attendance at school is not compulsory.
  • Higher education opportunities are only in the capital [students from poor and/or distant locations have no access]
  • Government spending on education has decreased to 17%
  • The average literacy rate for 15 years and older is 76%
  • The government is attempting to improve education quality by emphasising examinations within the system
  • There is an emphasis on vocational education

About You

The successful candidate must demonstrate:

  • A degree in education or certificate in teaching English as a second language
  • A willingness to learn Melanesian Pidgin
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Understanding that for many students English will be their fourth or fifth language
  • Cultural sensitivity and openness to working within a different cultural context
  • Willingness to work in Tenaru for 2 years, with limited IT/internet resources and facilities
  • Willingness to engage their Australian community in promoting the work of the host organisation and their role.

How You Will Help

The ongoing mentoring and support of current teachers over a two-year timeframe will help to improve the quality of learning and educational outcomes.  Students will directly benefit from being taught by a qualified English teacher.  The overall English program will have resources developed that will continue to provide effective English lesson delivery into the future.

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