Our tour experience takes travellers on an intimate journey into remote communities along the Thai-Myanmar border . On the 13 day journey, you will visit community development projects that improve the education opportunities of Karen refugee communities in Tak Province, northern Thailand.

$3,500 per person | What’s included?*

  • Expert guide
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • All domestic travel
  • Entry to museums and activities

Our tour starts and ends in Bangkok, Thailand.

Palms Encounters are designed in coordination with our overseas partners to craft the most enriching experience for our travellers while ensuring a positive experience for the staff and students of our host organisations.

At the end of each day, guided activities will help you gain a deeper understanding of the new sights, smells, sounds, tastes, textures and experiences you’ll encounter, and perhaps challenge some of your own ideas.

Below are some of the highlights of this experience. Guests will receive a detailed itinerary closer to the date of departure. Your final itinerary depends on transport, weather and considerations for our host communities.


Mae Sot, Thailand

Mae Sot encapsulates the diversity of Thailand and is home to many ethnic minorities from Myanmar , some living in temporary shelters. Nine of these shelters along the border are home to a total of around 200 000 people. We will visit Palms’ participant, Prof. Rosaleen, who tutors students in the ACU Liberal Arts Program. All of the students are from families in the shelters.

Umphang & Mae Ramat, Thailand

Here you will visit Palms’ teachers Liz at Klo Tho and Christine at St Joseph’s College. Both schools are attended by a number are Karen ethnic minority students.

You will also visit Thailand’s largest waterfall – Thi Lo Su. It stands 250 metres high and nearly 450 metres wide on the Mae Klong River, flowing down into the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary in Tak Province in northwestern Thailand.

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Travellers will be required to complete the following at their own expense. Please note, some of these may take time to process and this should be started as soon as possible after the tour is confirmed.

  • International flights and travel insurance
  • Medical approval for international travel, including to remote areas
  • Police Check
  • Working with Children Check

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