What we can do with our Liberation

What we can do with our Liberation

By Roger O’Halloran

Wow!  We managed to get an Orientation Course completed.  The first since January 2020 just before COVID took its toll on the program.  I especially want to thank all our supporters who kept the faith and helped to keep us afloat during the hiatus.

Our expectation is to have five program participants on assignment before the end of the financial year (June 30).  Click here to find out about and support one of our brave pilgrims and the communities in which they will work.

It’s necessarily a small start.  Palms ability to respond depends on the contributions of Australians such as yourself.  Clicking this requesting communities link takes you to 36 local programs where we have scoped assignments that we want to fill in future.  Its grass roots assistance to support mentoring and sustainable solutions to poverty in communities who currently do not have the opportunities we have for training in Australia.

It costs us around $25,000 per annum for each two-year program request Palms is able to meet.  But think about the value!  The qualified and experienced Australians who volunteer would be paid $100,000 + to provide the same training to Australians.  Your donation leverages a gift worth four times the cost of each assignment.

And its Mutual

As many who have worked in partner communities for two or more years know, the benefits are not one way.  There is so much learnt by the participant and through them their Australian community.  Since 2020 we have been building Palms capacity to really bring the lessons home because contributing to this vision is imperative for sustainable living everywhere.

I don’t need to write any more here.  Most readers know what we do and how we do it.  If you need further convincing have a look at these wonderful testimonies from the communities we serve, these poignant Program participant testimonies, and important donor testimonies.  They speak of an engagement we can all take great delight in playing a part in again.

If you just want to make a general tax-deductible donation please donate here.  You will help us all enjoy more of the liberation that the engaging in Palms Vision and Mission clearly achieves.