Shared Talents: Eternal Gifts

Shared Talents: Eternal Gifts

Palms participants, human gifts, conceived with love;
First offered to the world at the miracle of birth,
And given many times across a lifetime;
Each time being further refined for this point of giving.

Empowered and wrapped, perhaps unwittingly, by
givers in familiar home communities,
Each gift is prepared to meet the request and welcome
of a less familiar community,
Where the gifts of all will be mutually shared.

This giving is empowered by a vision:

Of People reaching beyond every barrier of culture;
religion; ideology; nationality; gender or class;

To cooperate in achieving a just, sustainable,
interdependent and peaceful world;

Free of poverty, in any manifestation.

Gift, givers and receivers, Diverse Human Gifts,
enabling all, for generations to come.


Feature image: Palms Participant Shelley Price wrapped in crown & flower lei’s as a farewell thank you from students of Sacred Heart High School – Bikenibeu, Sth Tarawa, Kiribati 2005