‘This is it!’ – Adriana Silva on taking on a role in Myanmar

‘This is it!’ – Adriana Silva on taking on a role in Myanmar

We are consistently inspired by the motivation and diversity of people who apply for Palms placements. In particular, we find that many people have wanted to do this for a long time but haven’t found the right opportunity.

This week we spoke with Adriana Silva, who is departing for Myanmar in 2019 to work with St Albert’s middle school as a teacher mentor. She shared her motivations to work with Palms and a little insight into her preparation.


When did you first want to work with a community abroad?

When I was 14 years old I belonged to the Legion of Mary and we did volunteering after school helping families. This particular day, when I had to do this, I forgot my lunch and I was starving.  Anyway, I went with the group to help a large family who had a new born.  My duty was to help clean the dining table.  It was full of bread crumbs.  I was hungry and whilst cleaning the table I ate a few crumbs and that filled me up. At that time I thought to myself (even though I was very young and naive) I came to help this family but they filled me up and ever since then I made a promise to myself that one day I will do volunteer/missionary work.


Why did you choose Palms?

I was Googling for Christian volunteer groups and Palms came up around March. I looked at others but for some unknown reason I stuck to Palms.


What excites you most about moving to Myanmar?

It’s a challenge, in comparison to going to East Timor/Kiribati where they are predominantly Catholic, and also going back to my roots growing up in Sri Lanka.


What has been the biggest challenge in making this decision?

To give up my business network that I worked through from scratch since 2008, apart from my family.


What has helped you in making this decision?

What helped me was attending the orientation course in July, where my gut told me ‘This is it!’.


How is your preparation going?

It’s coming along slowly.


How have you found the Palms recruitment and preparation program so far?

Palms process has been very professional and understanding.

You can support St Albert’s school and find out more about Adriana’s position here. If your gut is telling you to make a change and take a chance on volunteering abroad, check out our current opportunities and you could attend our January orientation course.