5 Reasons to Buy Fairtrade

5 Reasons to Buy Fairtrade

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of labels we encounter every time we hit the supermarket aisles. But there’s one label that we should all be looking out for, and for a good reason.

The Fairtrade movement is about stable prices, decent working conditions and the empowerment of farmers and workers around the world. Basically, every time you choose a product carrying the Fairtrade mark, you are making the choice to support farmers, workers and their communities in some of the world’s poorest countries.

If that isn’t convincing enough, here are just 5 reasons why you should consider making the switch to Fairtrade.

1. You’re giving farmers and producers around the world a fair go

Fairtrade supports marginalised farmers and workers, enabling them to build a better and more secure life for themselves, their co-workers and their families. Because Fairtrade guarantees a minimum price for produce, buying products with the Fairtrade mark gives growers of cocoa, coffee, tea and other crops more financial security, making them less vulnerable to poverty.

2. You’re helping protect workers’ rights

One of Fairtrade’s key standards is the protection of workers’ rights and the protection of children. Workers on farms and in factories are often some of the most vulnerable people in global trade. These workers often lack formal contracts, freedom of association, basic health and safety assurances, and adequate wages, among other challenges.

Fairtrade helps improve the lives of workers by requiring that their employers comply with Fairtrade’s Standard for Hired Labour, which is developed to make sure workers receive a fairer share of the economic benefits of trade.

3. You’re helping the planet

Unfortunately, many farmers follow agricultural practices that harm the land, like deforestation, erosion, or the use of harmful chemicals. Fairtrade provides support to farmers and workers so that the land they live from is kept unharmed. Fairtrade helps their farmers adapt to the world’s changing climate, supporting long-term and positive approaches to dealing with unpredictable or extreme weather patterns.  Fairtrade Standards also regulate substances used in farming, including pesticides and other chemicals, as well as waste management methods.

4. You’re supporting developing communities

Fairtrade invests in community development projects like improved health facilities, access to education, clean drinking water and improved sanitation, which is improving the quality of life for people in rural communities. This gives farmers and workers who choose to participate in Fairtrade a sense of control over their future, with greater power and voice.

5. It tastes better

Because of the care, precision and pride placed into Fairtrade food products like coffee, chocolate and tea, they are generally higher quality than their non-Fairtrade counterparts.

Take coffee for example. As the demand for global coffee increases, methods of mass-production are leading to lower-quality produce. Sustainably grown organic coffee is often grown slower and under rain-forest canopy, which leads to a more complex flavour. During the pressing process, organic coffee is processed without the use of the harsh chemicals commonly used on non-organic beans, making them tastier and better for you.

Make the Switch

You can help make a world of difference by making the simple switch to Fairtrade wherever possible. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favourites from the Fair Trade Coffee Company’s selection. Not only are they all certified Fairtrade, but also organic, delicious, and raise funds to support the work of our global volunteers in developing communities.

Sacred Grounds Sacred Blend Coffee

1. Sacred Organic Blend Coffee

This is Sacred Grounds’ signature and most worldly blend, using beans that are sourced from all corners of the coffee producing world. This one’s a crowd pleaser due to its smooth and rounded taste, and a staple in our office kitchen. Available in 1kg and 250g bags in bean, espresso or plunger grinds.

Sacred Grounds drinking chocolate

2. Sacred Grounds Fair Trade Drinking Chocolate

Unlike most commercial drinking chocolates on the market, the Sacred Grounds Organic & Fairtrade certified Drinking Chocolate is absolutely free of milk powder emulsifiers, artificial flavours or other additives. It makes a killer hot chocolate, but also doubles as a baking companion for cakes, biscuits, smoothies and bliss balls.

Sacred Grounds Papua New Guinea coffee

3. PNG Fairtrade Organic Coffee

One for the coffee snobs, this coffee is sourced from the Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative (HOAC) in Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands. The combination of rich volcanic soil, plentiful rainfall, abundance of sunlight and a high altitude provide perfect growing conditions for this single origin Arabica coffee. Regardless of the style of coffee you enjoy, we are confident the Fairtrade Organic PNG will linger on your taste buds long after your last sip. Available in Whole Beans or ground for Plunger or Espresso as 1kg and 250g bags.

Sacred Grounds decaffeinated coffee

4. Mountain Water Decaffeinated Coffee

Can’t do caffeine? Our Mountain Water Decaffeinated Coffee combines flavoursome Columbian beans and the Mountain Water decaf process. This technique is a 100% chemical free process of removing the caffeine from green beans while maintaining coffee flavour and complexity. The result is a quality, completely organic decafeinated coffee which is healthy, soft and mellow with a hint of cocoa and spice. Available in Whole Beans or ground for Plunger or Espresso as 1kg and 250g bags.

Ready to make the switch? Grab these products and more over at the Fair Trade Coffee Company’s website.