Solidarity Awards 2013

Solidarity Awards 2013

Guests at Palms’ 2nd Annual Solidarity Awards were asked to re-examine the notion and to respond to the radical call of true solidarity.

Duncan MacLaren outlined how solidarity is defined in Catholic Social Teaching and how the solidarity in action demonstrated in Palms, ACU and Caritas’ programs is finding a new audience in a church reinvigorated by Pope Francis.

Donna Mulhearn told of travelling to Iraq as a human shield, proposed that solidarity born out of love is “our natural human state”, but has become a revolutionary “act of resistance” which challenges the powerful and unjust.

Samantha Haddin spoke on behalf of the participants at Palms’ 95th Orientation Course and we honoured six more worthy winners of our Solidarity Awards, including Pauline Randall who offered the following thoughts from the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, where she has lived since first volunteering with Palms in 1968:

“I am very honoured to have been nominated for the Roy Boylan Award. Roy had played a very important part in my life and I am privileged to have personally known this inspiring man. He was a good friend to Fr. Joe and me and we always looked forward to his cheerful visits. … It seems like yesterday when I received my Mission Cross. I have been very blessed in my years in PNG. The 20 years I spent at Mun were precious and very rewarding. I think I grew up there. Coming to Kiripia was a bonus and all the hard work had been done by the PALMS people who preceded me, especially Maureen Carlon. I am happy in my work and feel I still have a lot to contribute especially at this time when so many things are happening. I wish you all the best for tomorrow’s celebrations and I will be with you in Spirit. Tuesday is Roy’s Anniversary so it is a special time. All the best and God Bless.”

The 2013 Solidarity Award Winners

  • Cyril Hally Award: Caritas Australia
  • Damian Keane Award: Tatiana Ebessu
  • Community Engagement Award: Jim Johnson
  • Development through Relationship Award: Australian Catholic University’s Thai-Burma Refugee Program
  • Roy Boylan Award: Pauline Randall
  • Donor Contribution Award: Anonymous by request