Volunteers Speak From Timor-Leste

Volunteers Speak From Timor-Leste

In our latest Youtube video, three Palms volunteers speak about why volunteering is important and why people should volunteer with Palms Australia.

“It helps to have the support of the organisation that you’re volunteering with who really understand the extent of the challenges that you face,” says Miriam Buchhorn, an environmental engineer who has previously worked in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, now based in Hatubuilico.

This is just one of the observations from Mim, Damian and Anne, about the contributions they are able to make and the importance of Palms Australia’s philosophy of putting relationships at the centre of development work.

Each shares the sort of work they are doing and how Palms’ approach has helped them grow in understanding and effectiveness.

The final call to action comes from Anne Chapman, a teacher from Ivanhoe, now training teachers in Atabae.

“You can do the Palms thing and open up your hands and have a whole new enriching experience in another culture and make the world a smaller place.”

This is the first of a series of videos Palms Australia will be releasing explaining aspects of our work. The full playlist will be shown at Palms’ Inaugural Solidarity Awards Dinner to be held on October 16th.