Recounting the Encounter

Recounting the Encounter

Following the July Encounter, Anne Chapman, asked her students to write a short piece about the visit. These pieces demonstrate the potential of education. Anne says: “Joanito has reached this level with only four hours per week, all with Maria [one of the teachers Anne is mentoring].”

When the Australian people came to visit us in centre of Atabae, first I introduced myself to them and they introduced themselves to me. So I was happy because it was a very special for me. I was happy because I had many friends and they came from Australia so I had one best friend and her name is Mary and she is married.

I was very happy because I can try my English to speak with them and Mary likes me because I spoke English to her very well.

On Saturday morning, we were going to see the people vote and choose which will become our new parliament in 2012 -2017 and then I went to show our river, market, school and something else to Mary and until we went to rest.

On Saturday afternoon, we were going to a play at the sea and we had a swim, played in the sea and had a photo together and they taught us about thongs, bare feet, sneaker and something else.

On Sunday morning, I went to the mass and I showed my parents to them and they said to my mother that, you have a clever boy and I was very happy because I can make friends with them.

By Ano