Palms Adds Online Donation Facility

Palms Adds Online Donation Facility

Palms Australia has now added improved online donation functionality to its website.

Visitors to Palms’ site are now able to make a single donation simply filling in the amount they wish to donate and clicking the “Donate” button next to it.

This facility allows donors to target their donation to a specific placement, which will come as great news to all the families and friends of Palms volunteers who want to be sure their donation goes to support a specific volunteer placement.

To direct a donation to a specific volunteer placement, visitors simply need to visit the page of that volunteer and use the “Donate” form on the right hand side of the page.  To donate by cheque, donors can simply print the volunteer’s profile and complete the form at the bottom of the page (which becomes visible when printed).

An additional functionality, allowing recurring donations, will be added soon. In the meantime, people wishing to make recurring donations can do so by printing a volunteer profile and selecting that option.

“This facility empowers donors and allows them to know the sort of development work they are supporting.” Assistant Director Brendan Joyce explains, “Some donors want to give to a specific volunteer placement; others might want to specifically support health, education or HIV/AIDS programs.  This new option makes it easy for them to do so, which of course has great benefits for Palms’ overseas partners as more placements are funded.”

Donors should note that Palms Australia staff will never ask for credit card details to be sent via email, nor will they ask for information such as PIN codes.