Five Simple Ways to Support Palms this Christmas

At the start of this year, Palms Australia had a target of $225,619 to raise as part of our CommUNITY initiative to support 12 two-year volunteer placements beginning in 2006. So far we have raised $96,756.90 towards these costs.

We will be preparing and sending another group of volunteers next year and will soon have a new fundraising target starting from zero. As such, we would hope to get as close to the current target as possible before the new year.

If you usually celebrate Christmas or buy presents or send Christmas cards or even drink coffee and eat food, you can continue to do this while helping Palms provide volunteers to global communities.

Please read the five simple ways to help Palms at Christmas listed below and consider which one, two or five best suits you.

  1. Host an event to raise funds for a particular Palms placement. A Christmas party with each attendee making a minimum donation on entry is a fun way to make Christmas about something other than consumption. Include a newsletter with the invitation. Use “Open Hands Cards” as your invitations (see number 4.)
  2. Drop by The Fair Trade Coffee Company, 33 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. All proceeds support Palms’ work and every bean of coffee and cocoa and every leaf of tea was grown in plantations which pay a fair wage. Or organise your Christmas party there.
  3. Register at and select Palms Australia (registered as a NSW charity) as your preferred charity. Do your regular Christmas shopping through the site and a percentage of the profits will be directed to Palms. Promote this to your friends.
  4. Send “Open Hands Cards” this Christmas – only $20 (plus postage) for a pack of 10. Order on (02) 9518 9551.
  5. Make a tax-deductible donation. Donate online or call (02) 9518 9551. Recurring donations make an even bigger difference. (OK, so this one does require something different, but is it really that hard. Consider it a present to the community which has requested but can’t afford to host a volunteer.)